The Staff

Dr. W. Terry Whisnant, executive director and consultant to the seminar, was formerly a Professor of Behavioral Sciences at Southside Virginia Community College. A graduate of both national and international Master and Great Teacher programs, he and John Cavan, former President of Southside Virginia Community College, founded The Virginia Master Teacher Seminar in 1991. Dr. Whisnant has also served as the director of master teacher seminars in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and New Jersey. He currently serves as director and consultant to the Virginia, Indiana, and Arizona master teacher seminars. His commitment to improving classroom instruction is his greatest academic legacy. In keeping with the master teacher concept, Dr. Whisnant has developed a strong cast to continue the movement.

Stephen Walker is Assistant Professor of History at Southside Virginia Community College. He previously taught in the public school sector and served as Coordinator of Social Studies for the Mecklenburg County Public School System. He is currently Program Administrator of The Virginia Teachers’ Academy held at Sweet Briar College. Stephen served as lead facilitator since 1999 for the seminar. He has recently assumed the director's role for the master teacher seminars. Stephen is a veteran of over 60 master teacher seminars.

Additional faculty from various states and disciplines will assist in leadership and facilitation of the program.